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We specialize in working with small businesses and startups, crafting unique, user-friendly websites tailored specifically to your needs. Digital Canvas Development understands that your digital presence should be as unique as your business, and we're committed to making that a reality. We offer affordable, custom-made solutions to amplify your business growth. With Digital Canvas Development, watch as your vision transforms into an engaging digital experience.

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About Us

After over 13 years in different technical fields including advertising, finance, education technology, and cyber security, Simon Goldin launched Digital Canvas Development to help small businesses and startups leverage their technology and people to provide the best products and user experiences possible.

Digital Canvas Development is based in Flemington, New Jersey (between Philadelphia and New York City in Hunterdon County) and provides professional services globally.


Digital Canvas Development specializes in working with small business and software-as-a-service startups. We offer a wide range of services that can be custom tailored to your needs.

While our tech stack is always evolving, the React and TypeScript ecosystem is our specialty.

Custom Web Development

We can build to exact specifications and will exceed your expectations.

Testing & Debugging

Automated testing is available to future-proof our work and make debugging easier.

Technical Consulting

Digital Canvas Development specializes in high quality code and modern practices.

Team Augmentation

We can work with an existing team and processes to help meet your goals and deadlines.

Custom Services

Are accessibility, developer experience, or something else on your mind? Let us know!

Custom Web Development

Digital Canvas Development can work with you or your designers to create or perfect a unique online presence for your business.

If you're looking for a polished custom-tailored web-based app or extension, we can help with that too!

Critical software is rarely "set and forget", so we take code quality and readability seriously.

Startup Consultation and Team Augmentation

As your partner in frontend web development consultation and team augmentation, we provide a comprehensive digital solution. I'll guide you in crafting an impactful website and offer my expertise to bring your vision to life, ensuring you have a notable web presence backed by years of experience.


We offer expert guidance on frontend development, user experience, and performance optimization, aiming to create an interactive digital front that effectively converts visitors into customers.


Our team augmentation service is designed to seamlessly blend with your existing setup, providing the additional skills and expertise you need to meet project deadlines. Whether you're looking to fill a temporary skill gap or need support for a larger project, Digital Canvas Development is here to ensure your web development initiatives are successful.


See what others are saying

[...] That kind of communication and ease of vision is invaluable to help with the efficiency and ease of every development, and it just shows how much of an expert he is in his field. I highly recommend Simon for any website development project! [...]

Hollis M. (Business Owner & Designer)

[...] outstanding software engineer with remarkable technical leadership and a consistent track record of delivering high-quality work. [...] I highly recommend Simon for his technical expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

Paul A. (Eng. Manager)

[...] When building products together in the cybersecurity industry, there was little room for error, and Simon brought his high standards of technical ability to our team as a tech lead. From planning to delivery, he made sure our team kept the bar high while shipping iteratively. [...]

Ben T. (Product Manager)

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